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Momentech's Software Development Clients

Some of our recent clients include:
  • Football Tipping Software

    The Football Tipping Software desktop product has been around for more than 10 years and is in widespread use to run office and home tipping competitions. The original software used a VB3 and Access 97 combination. This was completely re-architected and redeveloped to make use of the latest technologies such as VB.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. To fulfil a requirement to run as a client-server application when installed by a user, but using file-based rather than server-based database access, the VistaDB database system was used to store client data.

  • Informed Decisions

    • Rewrote and enhanced a Content Management System that was originally written in ASP 2. The CMS system provides demographic and statistical information from Australian censuses and is used by many local councils for internal planning and as part of their web sites. For an example of the current product see
    • Developed a replacement for the existing web site statistics package that was in use on the website. The new package provides for better breakdown of statistics allowing statistics to be shown by client or by product while still be being faster and requiring fewer resources than the original software. Clients can log in to the statistics package to see the performance of the sites for the products to which they subscribe.

  • Bill Express

    • Developed a reports register application to run on the company intranet - an ASP.NET application with a SQL Server 2000 back end.
    • Improved and re-factored the reports wizard component of the company’s internal workflow software, a VB.NET application.
    • Wrote a custom VB.NET application to allow the marketing department to apply a variety of filter criteria to customers who have paid bills using Bill Express, to conduct random prize draws.
    • Provided design advice and feedback on a proposed design for a rewrite of the company’s internal workflow software.
    • Providing mentoring to other developers.
    • Developed ad hoc reports and data extracts from SQL Server databases.

  • Macmillan Shakespeare Australia

    Performed development and support work on Paris, an accounting system that handles salary packaging for 70,000 clients. The system uses Access 2000 as the front end, SQL Server 2000 for the back end, Crystal Reports 9 for reporting, and interfaces with InfraActive for call centre recording. Also performed work on Comet, a new accounting system with a browser based user interface. Initial work on the system used VB6 and ASP, but later development has used VB.NET and ASP.NET.

  • Fantech

    Developed a program using VB.NET for creating and maintaining product price lists and for easy creation of printed product catalogues for product distributors.

  • Product Lifecycle Management Australasia

    Developed a website - see using Active Server Pages.

  • Flexible Drive Agencies

    Developed a program in Visual Basic 6 that interfaces with taxi meters to interchange information with a PC.

  • Wilkinson Software

    Worked on WilComm, an office automation program. Developed snap-ins for administration using Visual Basic 6, SQL Server 2000 stored procedures for data access, a backend in VB.NET and a user interface in ASP.NET.

  • Network FM

    Developed an itinerary manager for corporate travel. The program uses a front end written in Visual Basic and an Access database. Over 20 custom COM controls were written in Visual Basic for custom display and entry of data.

  • Footy Tipping Software

    Developed Visual Basic COM objects, SQL Server stored procedures and Active Server Page scripts to drive a large scale web based sports tipping competition service - Web site developers can use the eTipping Application Service to embed a competition in their web site in order to attract regular repeat traffic.

  • National Australia Bank

    • Developed COM components in Visual Basic for the NabMarkets and Nabasia web sites, and, and also wrote Active Server Pages for the administration of these sites.
    • Developed Bills Whiteboard, an Intranet application using Visual Basic COM objects accessing a Sybase database, and Active Server Pages for use withing the bank's trading rooms.
    • Developed a set of Visual Basic COM components to provide security and user personalisation functions, for use on several web and intranet sites.
    • Developed Bonds Whiteboard, an Intranet application using Visual Basic COM objects accessing a Sybase database, and Active Server Pages for use withing the bank's trading rooms.

  • KPMG

    Developed a product catalog and shopping cart application for KPMG's intranet, using Active Server Pages.

  • Sausage Interactive

    Developed COM components and Visual Basic front end for a call centre solution for Consolidated Foods.

  • Telstra

    Was part of a team with KPMG Consulting, writing SQL Server 7.0 stored procedures and Windows Scripting Host scripts for an e-commerce project.

  • Kiandra System Solutions

    • Assisted with the redevelopment of a fleet management system, using Visual Basic and SQL Server
    • Performed business analysis, design and implementation of an inventory control and job tracking program using Visual Basic and SQL Server.
    • Performed design and implementation of an accounting application to perform administration of salary packages, using Visual Basic and SQL Server.

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