Daniel Gottliebsen

Daniel Gottliebsen is the director and senior consultant at Momentech Software Services.

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Daniel's Skills

  • Outstanding knowledge of
    • VB.NET 1.0 - 2.0
    • ASP.NET 1.0 - 2.0
    • Visual Basic 3.0-6.0 and SQL Server 6.0-2005.
    • Web Services / .NET Remoting / ActiveX / COM / COM+ / MTS / OCX Component / n-Tier Development.
    • Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML, Internet Information Server (IIS)
    • Microsoft Office and Visual Basic for Applications.
    • Data Access Methods including ADO.NET, ADO, OLE DB, DAO, ODBC and RDO.
    • Object oriented design and development.
  • Excellent business analysis and design skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and technical writing ability.
  • Outstanding technical knowledge and problem solving abilities.
  • Highly creative.
  • Able to work equally well independently or in a team environment.
  • Substantial expertise in specialist areas such as Databases, Neural Networks, Graphics, Data Visualisation and Multimedia.

Daniel's Qualifications

Professional References

  • David Layton
    Director, Footy Tipping Software
    Phone: (03) 9533 0444

  • Kendall Taylor
    Director, ID (Informed Decisions) Consulting
    Phone: (03) 9417 2205


Daniel's Resume in Microsoft Word 2000 format

Daniel's Masters Degree Thesis in Adobe PDF format.
This thesis covers numerous optimisation techniques that can be applied to any code that uses loops.

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