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Software and Web Development

Whatever your software development needs, Momentech have the experience and skills to help you. We have a history of delivering high quality solutions to a wide variety of business requirements. We are capable of adapting to produce software to suit any requirements, but some of the areas we have been most heavily involved in include:

  • Web and Intranet sites and applications

    We can help you develop web sites that effectively deliver information to your clients and customers, both current and potential. Our sensible designs focus on being content rich, easy to use and working on more web browsers so they will help you win new clients and improve your business relationship with existing clients.
  • Database and Financial applications

    Fast and easy to use applications to automate your business processes, improve workflow and boost productivity. Our expertise with SQL Server means that we can provide your application with extremely fast and efficient access to your data.
  • Multimedia applications

    Graphically rich and highly interactive applications such as computer based training and CD-ROM based product catalogues.
  • Graphics and data visualisation applications

    Applications to simplify analysis of scientific or financial data by suitable processing of the data and displaying it in tabular or graphical form to improve your interpretation and understanding of the data.
  • Enhancements and Performance Tuning

    As your business changes to face new challenges and opportunities, your existing applications may no longer suit your needs or perform as well as it once did. We can help you by enhancing your existing software to better suit your current needs without the cost and delay that a full redevelopment would entail. We can also help investigate areas where the performance of software is inadequate and utilise a variety of techniques to speed it up and help you keep your competitive edge.

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