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Commercial Web Sites Worked On

  • eTipping - Developed Active Server Page scripts, Visual Basic COM objects and SQL Server stored procedures - this application is being used by many clients such as recruitment agencies who use it as a marketing and promotional tool. Not only is eTipping a 'sticky' application, encouraging frequent return visits to the web site, but reminder and result announcement e-mails provide the opportunity to include marketing information knowing that the recipients are actually going to read the e-mail. eTipping uses templates and style sheets to easily integrate sports tipping competitions into corporate web sites and have them inherit look and feel of the rest of the site.

  • Product Lifecycle Management Australia - Uses Active Server Pages to dynamically process files for the browser allowing static content (html layout) to be kept separately from dynamic content (such as menus, news and event information).

  • NabMarkets and NabAsia - developed COM objects in Visual Basic to encapsulate data retrieval, user account and security control, and Active Server Pages for content administration.

Other Web Sites Developed

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