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Development Tools and Technologies We Use Include:

  • .NET

    We have quickly become experts in Microsoft's .NET technology, using VB.Net and ASP.Net. .NET offers many advantages over previous versions including more rapid development, full object oriented programming support, easier deployment and better performance.

  • SQL Server

    A powerful database system suitable for databases of any size. You can access the database directly to retrieve data or use stored procedures for even faster processing. We are using SQL Server 2005 for new development but have expertise in all versions of SQL Server as far back as version 4.2.

  • Visual Basic and Active Server Pages

    We have a great deal of expertise and experience developing applications and web sites in these older technologies so are a good choice for modifying legacy systems, or rewriting them into .NET.

  • Crystal Reports

    Crystal Reports is a powerful tool for producing printed reports that can be integrated into a desktop application, or can run enterprise-wide across your corporate intranet.

Technologies We Use Include:

  • AJAX

    AJAX allows web pages to be developed that provide a richer user experience than traditional web page designs. Parts of the page can be updated in the background without reloading the entire page so that your web applications are more responsive and more like desktop applications in their usability.

  • Web Services

    Web Services allow a desktop application to easily communicate with a web based application, in a way that ensures the data can pass easily through any network firewalls.

  • Object Oriented Design and Development

    This technique involves logically dividing a program into discrete components that communicate with other through well defined interfaces. This simplifies testing and also allows a component to be re-written without affecting the whole program, which greatly improves maintainability of a program.

  • N-Tier Development

    This extension of Object Oriented techniques divides the components into several logical layers. This allows you to change the implementation of a layer with minimal or no effect on other layers. It also allows you to improve the scalability of a program or web site by placing each group on a different computer without having to modify the program code.

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