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How Momentech Can Help Your Business

Ways we can help your business include:

Custom Software Development

We can analyse your business requirements, and design and implement a custom software solution to fit your needs exactly, helping to make your business more efficient and cost-effective while better serving your customers. Streamline your business processes and save money by automating time consuming and difficult data handling tasks.

Update Your Legacy Applications

We can help you update your legacy applications to make use of the latest technologies, while updating the functionality to ensure it is a close fit to changing business requirements.

Power Up Your Application

We are experts in program optimisation. If your data volumes have grown so that your application is no longer coping, we can help to improve algorithms and streamline sql queries to restore its responsiveness. This can help to extend the life of your existing application rather than requiring you to replace it.

Connect With Your Customers

Reduce call centre requirements and increase customer satisfaction by web enabling your existing software. A custom web interface can allow your customers to make enquiries, track orders, check balances or make payments online.

Web Site Development

Web-enable your applications to deliver timely data to your clients. Give your company an effective web presence to gain access to a global market of hundreds of millions of people. Momentech can help you build not only effective web sites but powerful web based applications that can provide a high level of interactivity to deliver a high value experience to your users and customers.

Web Site Makeovers

Your web site will often be your company's first contact with potential clients, so make a good first impression. If your web site is not effective, it is all too easy for people to go to your competitors' sites. If your web site is slow, difficult to navigate, out of date or doesn't contain the information those potential customers want to know, you could be missing out on business. We can help renovate your website to turn it to the powerful marketing tool it should be.


Provide easier access to data within your company by building an effective corporate intranet. Reduce paper forms and streamline business work flow by automating document processing. Improve information sharing within your organisation by making newsletters, product catalogues, price lists and other internal documents available as web pages.

Project Troubleshooting

Is your software development project stalled due to high complexity or other technical issues? We can help troubleshoot your project by offering technical and programming advice to your existing development team, or by taking on some of the more complex areas of code to get your project back on schedule.

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