Hen Party Games and Activities to Keep Everyone Entertained

A hens party is an occasion for everyone to have fun and celebrate the oncoming nuptials of the bride-to-be. There are so many activities that you can include to the party so that everyone can enjoy themselves and create lasting memories.

You can also choose destinations based on the entertainment.

For example, you can look into Aussie Hunks Australia so that everyone in the bridal party can enjoy a fun filled evening in a male strip club. You can check with the club to see whether there is private seating for groups or if a private show can be arranged. This can be an adventurous night out in the city. But you need to check with the bride to see if she’s comfortable with the entertainment. You can also hire a private room or destination where you can organise several activities and fun games. One of the games you can play is a trivia game that can test the knowledge of the bride-to-be when it comes to her partner, relationship trivia and wedding plans. You can reach out to the groom for some ideas on questions such as where they first met and where they shared their first kiss. You can have a list of questions complied beforehand and the guests can be divided into teams so that they can compete against each other. There can be quirky facts about the bride and groom and light-hearted questions about the couple’s love story.           

You can also give a short time

For the guests to share their words of wisdom regarding marriage. There can be small pieces of paper provided for the guests so that they can write down ups, words of encouragement and advice. Once everyone has written down advice, these can be collected and read out aloud. This can be a touching activity that can bring everyone together. A photo scavenger hunt can be created by using a lot of scenarios, items or landmarks. The guests can capture these items in photos using a camera or smartphone. You can have them posing with a funny sign or taking a selfie with a stranger. You can award the first team that completes the scavenger hunt.

There can also be a dress-up relay race where the guests can be divided into teams.

Then a relay course can be set with various clothing and accessories that include sashes, bridal veils, tiaras etc. Each team member should race to the end of the course and put on an item of clothing and then race back and tag the other teammate. The first team to complete the race with everyone dressed up will win. You can have a DIY cocktail mixing station. A bar can be set up that will have a range of cocktail recipes, mixers, spirits and garnishes. There can be a bartender hired for the evening or there can be instruction cards that can teach the guests to make their own cocktail. The guests can name their own cocktails.