Space-Saving Solutions for Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor dining spaces are quite popular as patrons are able to enjoy fresh air while they dine. But due to space constraints, you may not be able to have sufficient outdoor seating. But there are space saving solutions that you can look into.

You can look for stackable restaurant furniture such as tables and chairs. This can be ideal for a restaurant with limited space. These furniture options can be quite versatile and you can stack them on top of each other and store them when they are not used. This way, the space can be maximised during peak hours. You need to look for lightweight and durable options such as resin or aluminium furniture that can be easily stacked and handled. There are also folding furniture options you can use when you have fluctuating seating needs at the restaurant. These can be quickly set up or you can take them down if required. This way, you can easily adapt to changing crowd sizes and optimise the space. You can look for high quality folding furniture that is easy to clean, sturdy and resistant to the elements.  Nesting tables are another option where you can maximise seating capacity without taking up floor space unnecessarily. These tables will have smaller tables that can be nested together when they are not used so that valuable space in your patio can be saved. You can look for sturdy bases and tops when choosing nesting tables.

You can also use wall mounted benches

And tables so that you can create seating areas without taking up floor space that can be incredibly valuable in a restaurant setting. These can be installed onto fences or walls so that a secure surface can be created for dining. You can look for drop-leaf designs or fold down options. These can be collapsed easily when they are not used. You can also save space with built-in furniture. You can have built-in benches, raised platforms and banquettes so that seating capacity can be maximised. You can create a cohesive look with this kind of design and they can be customised easily with comfortable plush cushions and weather resistant materials. You can also look for modular furniture configurations where the seating arrangement can be customised according to your seating needs. You can mix and match these pieces to create a versatile seating configuration. This can include lounge chairs, ottomans and sectional sofas. Look for modular furniture that comes with lightweight frames so that you can easily move them.

Vertical gardens and greenery

Can be incorporated in your outdoor restaurant space so that it adds visual interest. You can install vertical gardens on fences or walls so that a beautiful backdrop can be created for outdoor dining. And these decorations will not take up valuable floor space. Look for plants that can be maintained easily. If you have limited space, you can also look for bar height tables and stools so that ample seating can be provided without taking up a lot of space. This kind of arrangement also encourages conversation.