Benefits of Laser Treatments for Stress Urinary Incontinence

SUI or stress urinary incontinence is something that many individuals experience around the world. This can cause a lot of discomfort and there are many treatments available to reduce or eliminate this condition. Laser treatments are a non-invasive solution to SUI and it can also be highly effective.

One of the primary benefits of laser treatments for SUI is that they are highly convenient.

Traditional surgical procedures will need you to be hospitalised and there is a long recovery time as well. There can be potential complications in the aftermath. But you can walk in to the clinic, have the laser treatment done and walk out on the same day without having to deal with overnight stays or a hospital visits. This is a great option for those with busy schedules and your daily routine will not be disrupted by this treatment. If you are interested in learning about this treatment, you can make an appointment at the nearest skin clinic. Traditional surgical procedures for SUI involve cutting, ablation and bleeding. But laser treatments are non-ablative and there is no incision made or tissue removed. The laser energy will instead be delivered to the targeted tissues directly. This will cause the production of collagen to be stimulated and it can also lead to remodelling of tissues without doing any damage to the surrounding structures.

Because laser treatments are non-ablative

And incision-less, there is minimal bleeding, discomfort or risk of infection. The patients can get back to their normal routine after having the procedure done. Many people worry about the pain or discomfort that they will experience during the procedure but laser treatments tend to be virtually harmless. There will be a mildsensation of tingling or warmth during the procedure. You don’t need to have anaesthesia to undergo this procedure and many patients tend to tolerate this well. There is a high success rate for laser treatments. There is a significant reduction in the leakage of urine after this procedure and this can lead to a big impact on quality of life. The rapid results of laser treatment make it a good choice for patients that are looking for effective relief from SUI.

The traditional surgical procedures come with many potential complications.

But with laser treatments, there are minimal side effects because no incisions are made in the skin. This way, bleeding or infections are reduced significantly. No anaesthesia is required for laser treatments so you will have fewer side effects after the procedure. Generally, anaesthesia can lead to fatigue, nausea and dizziness after the procedure. Laser treatments are well tolerated by so many individuals. It can be very challenging to deal with SUI as it can lead to many embarrassing situations. This can affect your self-confidence and you will always be hesitant to go out of the house for fear of this happening. But with laser treatments, you have a non-invasive solution that is virtually painless. And there is a high success rate associated with laser treatment which can help you in having better quality of life.