Tips for Evaluating the Quality of Timber Furniture

When you are in a furniture showroom and looking for something to go with your interior design, there are so many factors to consider. Many people look for durability in furniture and sometimes it can be hard to know which has a higher quality and which doesn’t.

There are certain ways that you can evaluate the quality of timber furniture.

Timber furnitureis known for its durability but you need to know which type of timber is used in the construction and how it has been treated. You can inspect the timber carefully when visiting furniture stores Gold Coast. Some of the things you can look for are whether there are any cracks or knots on the timber. Imperfections like these can affect the structural integrity of the furniture. However, when it comes to knots, it depends on where this is located. You should also check whether the timber is straight and has a consistent grain pattern. You can also check the joints to see whether they are secured properly. If you can see gaps or residue left behind by the glue, this will indicate lower quality.

There should also be quality hardware used in the furniture.

For example, if you are purchasing a cabinet, the hinges or the opening mechanism of the cabinet should be of high quality so that it can withstand repetitive use. You can also open and close the cabinet to see whether it is functioning smoothly. If it has drawers, check whether it closes smoothly when you give a push. Quality hardware will ensure better functionality of your furniture. You should also check the condition of the furniture finish. It has to be smooth and even. If there are signs of imperfections such as bubbles and drips, it has not been applied by a professional. While this may not always affect the durability of the furniture piece, it may not be aesthetically pleasing if you can notice this clearly.

Quality timber furniture has a considerable weight.

You can try lifting it or moving it if possible to see whether it has been made out of dense and durable timber. You should also consider the price of the timber furniture. Timber can be a little more expensive compared to other options so if you come across something that is very low, it can be that the manufacturer is undercutting at some aspect. Also, it can give you some peace of mind if you are able to obtain a warranty for the furniture. But you need to be very sure what the warranty includes and how long it is valid for. You can also do a bit of research on the manufacturer to see what previous customers say about the quality of their furniture. There will be reviews that you can read online. And if you know anyone that has bought timber furniture recently, you can ask them for recommendations. You can also check whether the timber has been sustainably sourced as this will ensure your responsibility to the environment.