Questions to Ask When Renting a Wedding Dance Floor

You have to think about the dance floor details when planning the reception. While certain venues will have their own dance floor, you can also rent one so that this can become the central feature of the event.

When it comes to a dance floor hire, you have to consider the variety of dance floors available. Some of the options you will come across are LED floors, wooden floors, custom graphic floors and checkerboard patterns. You can look into a few designs that match your wedding theme and venue décor. Ask about the sizes available for the dance floor. You have to consider the venue space and the number of guests for the event. You can also ask the rental company to provide you with a recommendation for the dance floor size based on the guest list. You will need to have about 3 or 4 square feet per dancing guest but not every guest will get onto the dance floor so that you will need to come up with an estimate. Ask about how the floor is installed. You need to know how long it takes for the setup of the dance floor and the dismantling.

You need to check whether

The venue availability coincides with the schedule of the rental company. Sometimes there can be specific requirements for the installation of the dance floor such as having some additional space around it or having a flat surface. These things should be checked and verified with the venue beforehand so that you don’t end up selecting a dance floor that cannot be installed at the selected venue. The condition of the dance floor has to be assessed for its safety and appearance. You may not be able to visit the place where it is stored but in this case, you can ask the rental company to provide you with photos. You need to check whether the floor is maintained properly. Check for any visible damage. If there is visible damage or signs of improper maintenance, it can take away from the aesthetic of the event. But a few scratches or scuff marks will not be visible in low lighting.

Ask whether there are additional costs attached to the cost of renting the dance floor.

The overall cost should include delivery, installation and breakdown along with additional fees for customising the floor according to your requirements. Understanding the full cost upfront will help avoid surprises later on. You have to check what customisation options are available such as adding custom colours, special designs or adding monograms. Some companies will also offer LED lighting or personalisedgraphics so that the visual appeal of the dance floor can be improved. Ask about the safety measures in place such as non-slip features. You can also check whether they offer other solutions to prevent slipping such as mats. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you need to check whether the dance floor can be used outdoors. You need to check whether it has weather resistant features and if any precautions are required for installing it outdoors such as additional support or a subfloor.